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For those of you who may not be aware we have had in place over the last few years an agreement with the doctor’s surgery opposite to allow a number of spaces for their staff to park in our car park for which we receive a fee. In return they let our members use their car park out of surgery hours.

The surgery has lately been re-organised and they now do not want to pay the club for their parking spaces. As we continue to receive complaints from our Members about the lack of parking spaces and no longer receive an income from the surgery the GC would like to inform you that as from Monday 8th July none of the surgery’s staff will be permitted to use our car park and none of our Members will be permitted to use the surgery's car park.

Without any form of barrier it is impossible to stop members of the public from parking in our car park, in particular patients from the surgery. The committee is investigating other means of ‘policing’ the car park but there are legal and logistical problems associated with that. In the meantime should any members observe non-members attempting to use our car park, please inform them in a polite manner that it is a private car park and they are not allowed to do so.

Members are also asked that when parking they do so in a sensible manner, i.e. in a diagonal direction rather than at right angles to the fence and not at an excessive distance from adjacent cars, as to do otherwise severely reduces the number of parking spaces and makes navigation through the car park difficult.

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