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Dear Members,

As you may or may not be aware, we have had a technical issue with the door entry system which thankfully, has now been rectified.

For the majority of you, your door fob will remain unchanged. However, there is the possibility that some will fail (potentially those issued in the last 12/18 months) and these will need to be reprogrammed.

Firstly, our sincere apologies if you are affected by this technical glitch.

Secondly, if you are affected please contact Kari, our Membership Secretary (reply-to address above) and arrangements can be made to update your fob as soon as possible. Kari, will of course need your door fob in order to reprogramme it and will be able to do this as and when the bar is open (i.e. evenings).

Finally, thanks to Doug and Florian for sorting this out.


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