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Squash / Racketball - do you want to join the November bubbles?

I will be looking at the November Bubbles this coming week so if you would like to join or leave a squash or racketball bubble please send me an email asap or use the sign-up sheet on the club noticeboard. I will also try to accommodate any requests to change bubbles if possible.

All emails by no later than Friday 30th October please.

Introducing new players will inevitably mean the bubbles changing so please remember the following:

1. If you are placed in a different bubble from last month, please do not arrange a game until you have had at least 7 days without playing full court squash
2. If at any time you play someone from outside your bubble (not in your existing household) then you MUST PLEASE PLAY THE SIDES FORMAT ONLY.

Nick Woodman

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