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Singles Box League - Round Eight - groups

Dear players,

Welcome to the Singles Box League Round Eight - thank you all for signing up.

In this round, we have 45 players entered, competing across 10 leagues.

Just one new player this time, entering the Ladies Singles Box League for the first time - Abby Tennent - welcome on-board!

There have been a few players who have withdrawn, or been excluded for playing no matches. Therefore, I have used this as an opportunity to 'mix things around' a bit.

Please find below, the groups for the leagues starting from next Monday, 31st January (note - it's ok to play your matches sooner, if you want):

Men’s - Premier League
Karoki Lewis
Robyn Evans
Paul Friend
Morgan Webb
Jimmy Emery

Men’s – League 1
Tom Clay
Giles Cowdell
Ewan Quince
Kevin Simons
Tim Swainson

Men’s – League 2
Trevor Webb
Scott Macartney
Michele Mazza
Chris Smyth
Ben Swadling

Men’s – League 3
John Belsey
Alan Brady
Bill Rolfe
Steve Hainge
Josh Hayes

Men's - League 4
Sion Evans
Brad Bentman
Rob Lunn
Chris Jackson
Ankur Khajuria

Men's - League 5
Hugo Alessi-Rueda
Christian Dennis
Ben Roberts
Andy Jenkins

Men’s - League 6
Mark Prevett
Stuart Sterling
Ray Thompson
Richard Stow

Men’s - League 7
Jovancho Jankuloski
Bernie O'Connell
Doug Barr
Ben Wilkie

Ladies – Premier League
Caroline Hayes
Martilie Kruger
Nicola Tillin
Maria Rueda

Ladies - League One
Sue Perera
Sarah Thorogood
Lynda St Cooke
Abby Tennent

Start date – Monday 31 January
Midpoint - Sunday 27 February *
End date – Thursday 31 March

One point will be awarded for every set you win (i.e. two points for a win)

*two bonus points* awarded to players who have completed two matches by the Midpoint date

Players to arrange their own matches - use WhatsApp (it’s great for this!) - players email addresses and contact numbers are available in the Member's Directory area of the club website.

Submit your results via the club website, within the 'Leagues' section – (1) enter points won by you, (2) select your opponent and (3) enter points won by the opponent – it’s simple!

Note - players playing no matches, will be excluded from the next round, unless they contact me or sign-up on the club noticeboard

If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.

Have a great round and enjoy the tennis!

Kind Regards


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