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Tennis Singles Box League - Round Eight - end of round summary

Dear tennis players,

Well done to those of you who competed in Round Eight of the Tennis Singles Box League.

During this round, 54 matches were played, across 10 leagues. A really great effort by everyone, with many cold and rainy days over this period. However, spring has now arrived, the clocks have moved and our lovely, newly painted courts 7 & 8 will be ready very soon.

The next round will start on Monday 11 April, with a brief 6 week 'pause' between 01/05 and 12/06 to allow courts and players to be available for the Club Tournament matches. The round will therefore not end until Sunday 17 July - players should consider if they are willing to commit to both over the next few months.

New players wishing to join are very welcome - all levels, there is a league for everyone! - please sign-up on the club noticeboard, or let me know via email, entry closes next Wednesday 06 April - current players will be automatically entered into the next round, unless advised otherwise - please let me know ASAP, if you do not wish to continue.

Players who have completed no matches in the previous round will be removed from the leagues, unless they contact the organiser or sign-up on the club noticeboard

PREMIER LEAGUE MENS - [Winner = Morgan Webb]
A very closely contested top group with just 1 point separating Morgan, Karoki and Jimmy and many matches decided on a championship tie-break. Morgan edged the title, by playing 2 matches before the mid-point and securing his bonus points.

LEAGUE ONE MENS - [Winner = Tom Clay]
Well done Tom, the 'West Bromwich Albion' of the Men's Singles Box League, winning League One yet again. Hopefully, your run of bouncing up and down between the Premier will end in the next round.

LEAGUE TWO MENS - [Winner = Michele Mazza]
The battle for top place between Michele and Ben was decided in their head-to-head, when Michele managed to take a set, despite losing, to be awarded that important extra point.

LEAGUE THREE MENS - [Winner = John Belsey]
Two wins and bonus points were enough for John to win top place, in a group with only a few matches played.

LEAGUE FOUR MENS - [Winner = Chris Jackson]
Maximum points for Chris, securing his 2nd promotion in a row, onwards and upwards.

LEAGUE FIVE MENS - [Winner = Christoph Roth]
Well done and welcome on-board to Christoph, easing through League Five, with four wins out of four.

LEAGUE SIX MENS - [Winner = Stuart Sterling]
Sterling effort by Stuart, with two wins out of three matches, climbing back into League Five.

LEAGUE SEVEN MENS - [Winner = Jovancho Jankuloski]
Congratulations Jovancho, undefeated in this round, to get promoted.

PREMIER LEAGUE LADIES - [Winner = Maria Rueda]
A successful return by Maria, but well done also to Nicola, who would of taken the top spot, if only she had got her bonus points.

LEAGUE ONE LADIES - [Winner = Abby Tennent]
Hurray for Abby Tennent, winning all 3 matches on her Box League debut. In the next round, we are hoping to add an further Ladies league.

Final tables are available on the club website.

Good luck to everyone in the next round - the groups will be emailed and available on the website soon after the closing date



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