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Tennis Doubles Box League - R11 - end of round summary

Dear tennis players,

Well done to those of you who competed in Round Eleven of the Tennis Doubles Box League.

During this round, 39 matches were played, across 11 leagues. A great effort by everyone, fitting in their matches alongside the club tournament, Wimbledon and BBQ's in the sun.

The next round will start on Monday 18 July, with matches to played over 8 weeks, ending on Sunday 11 September.

New pairs wishing to join are very welcome - all levels, there is a league for everyone! - please sign-up on the club noticeboard, or let me know via email, entry closes this Wednesday 13 July - current pairs will be automatically entered into the next round, unless advised otherwise - please let me know ASAP, if you do not wish to continue.

POLITE NOTICE - PLEASE ONLY ENTER IF YOU ARE GOING TO ARRANGE AND PLAY MATCHES - pairs who have played no matches in the previous round will be removed from the leagues, unless they contact the organiser - there are currently 11 pairs who about to be excluded for playing no matches

PREMIER LEAGUE MENS - [Winners = Morgan W. & Jimmy E.] - 3 wins of out of 3 for Morgan and Jimmy - great effort by the pair, who also have also reached the Men's Doubles Final in the club tournament.

LEAGUE ONE MENS - [Winners = Stephen P. & Lewis W.] - top place secured on the final day, with a late win over Ben & Christoph.

LEAGUE TWO MENS - [Winners = Chris Self & Trevor W.] - couple of wins and bonus points were enough to win this league - unfortunately, not enough to get promoted, as you need to play at least 3 matches - sorry!

LEAGUE THREE MENS - [Winners = Nick P. & John P.]
Peaty pair took the title with two wins.

No clear winner in this league with only 1 matches played

LEAGUE FIVE MENS - [Winners = Bram F. & John W.]
Maximum points, 3 wins from 3 matches, in straight sets + bonus points - Team of the Round!! - there is not actual prize, but well done anyway

PREMIER LEAGUE LADIES - [Winners = Fiona H. & Heather B]
Five titles in a row for Fiona & Heather, but only because all the best ladies were busy with Wimbledon over the last few weeks .. and live in the Czech Republic!

LEAGUE ONE LADIES - [Winners = Nicola C. & Caroline H]
Two wins of two matches - congratulations.

PREMIER LEAGUE MIXED - [Winners = Colin J. & Kari T.]
Couple of wins by Colin and Kari - however, the other unplayed match against Fiona & Martin would of being interesting.

No clear winners with only 1 matches played, in each league

LEAGUE THREE MIXED - [Winners - Daphne H & John B]
Two wins, in straight sets - great effort.

Final tables are available on the club website.

Good luck to everyone in the next round - the groups will be emailed and available on the website soon after the closing date



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