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Tennis Doubles Box League - Round Five - final tables & summary

Dear tennis players,

Well done to those of you who competed in Round Four of the Tennis Doubles Box League.

During this round, 44 matches were played, across 11 leagues.

PREMIER LEAGUE LADIES - [Winners = Georgina Bean & Kari Thomas]
New winners for the Premier League title, with Georgina & Kari ‘edging’ the championship tie-break in their match against Fiona & Heather and by doing so, claiming their top place, which they had held in the previous two rounds.

LEAGUE ONE LADIES - [Winners = Jayne Bartlett & Mary Tindley]
Congratulations to Jayne & Mary for winning every match, without the dropping a set. The only ladies pair to do so, during this round.

LEAGUE TWO LADIES - [Winners = Maria Rueda & Tiffany Waters]
A very close group with 3 pairs all on 6 points or more. With Maria & Tiffany taking the top spot, following their championship tie-break victory over Caroline Hayes & Daphne

PREMIER LEAGUE MENS - [Winners = Paul Friend & John Wallace]
The first ever box league group to be won with only one match played!!

LEAGUE ONE MENS - [Winners = Lee Whibley & Tim Swainson]
Injuries restricted matches played, with 3 of the pairs having at least one player injured up to the mid-point. However, Lee & Tim deservedly finished top for arranging all of their matches, with limited opportunities to do so in the last couple of weeks.

LEAGUE TWO MENS - [Winners = Richard Newbatt & Chris Smyth]
Well done to Richard & Chris for winning every match and ‘bouncing straight back’ after being relegated in the previous round (when they lost every match).

LEAGUE THREE MENS – [Winners = Nick Woodman & Richard Bool]
New entrants to the League, Nick & Richard won every match, without dropping the set. Did the organisers put them in the right group? We will see in the next round.

PREMIER LEAGUE MIXED - [Winners = Colin Johnson & Kari Thomas]
Back to back titles for Colin & Kari, winning every match, but dropping a set to Jayne & Mark.

LEAGUE ONE MIXED – [Giles Cowdell & Maria Rueda]
The closest group in the round, with both Giles & Maria and Mike & Linda finishing on 6 points and their head-to-head match not played. The top placed awarded by their sets for / against difference.

LEAGUE TWO MIXED – [Jenny Wagg & Richard Newbatt]
A* to Jenny & Richard for organising, playing and winning every match, without dropping a set.

LEAGUE THREE MIXED – [Nicola Cowdell & Rob Grange]
Another pair of new entrants who just found the box league ‘easy’, winning every match, without dropping a set.

The next round is currently on-hold – hopefully, just for a short while!



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