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Racketball Leagues:

The latest racketball leagues have just finished and the new leagues are posted online and on the Noticeboard. Thank you to everyone for playing your matches and the winners were as follows:

Premier - James Norman (max points again!)
League 1 - Mark Davis
League 2 - Henry Grub
League 3 - Bradley Bentman

Remember you can gain 4 extra bonus points by playing 2 matches before the halfway stage (end of July). The points for a walkover have been amended to 5-0. Please enter your results on the website.

I have tried to respect the promotion / relegation format for the new leagues but have had to accommodate new entrants as well.

Squash Ladder:

A reminder for team players that the Squash Ladder will be used to set rankings for next season and that a minimum of 2 matches need to be played in every 6 month period to stay on the ladder. If you are injured please let me know and I will temporarily remove you from the ladder.


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