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Important News: Changes to Tennis Court Booking Times & More

Many of our members have raised concerns relating to the allocation of tennis courts, particularly in the evenings and the timing and distribution of bookings between team practice, social play and member bookings.

The Tennis Committee and General Committee have been listening to your concerns and are pleased to introduce the following changes that will be made with effect from the 7th December 2018 :

  1. Match practice* (see below) – will now be on the first Tuesday of every month commencing on the 8th January 2019 . The four floodlit courts will be booked out all evening from 6pm to 9pm. For the rest of the month the courts will be available for booking by members, freeing up much more time for general play.
  2. The courts will be available for booking for non-match practice nights on a Tuesday from the 9th December 2018 onwards .
  3. Changes to evening booking times - two bookable slots of 90 minutes each will run from 6pm to 7:30pm and 7:30pm to 9pm every evening for all tennis courts. This allows fair access to the courts for all members and reasonable time for a warm up and a couple of sets.
  4. A new booking fee of £1:50 to be charged for each of these 90 minute sessions.
  5. All other booking fees and times to remain 'as is' for now.
  6. Free floodlights on a Wednesday evening from 6pm for Club Night. The lights will be free until social play finishes. If ‘arranged’ games take place after social play the lights will need to be paid for as usual.

* Match practice.

Following feedback to the Tennis Committee, we would like to trial a new approach to match practice. I will work with the Tennis Committee and the team captains to work out how to organise these sessions so that that are enjoyable and improve the standard of competitive match play. Additionally, we are in discussions with Adam to see how he and his team can run part of these sessions. We would like match practice to work for those who currently play matches or wish to play for our teams in the future.

I hope these changes make sense and that they improve access to the tennis courts over the winter months for the whole of our membership.

Happy Winter tennis-ing!

Kind Regards.

Andy H

PS: Places still available for the American Tournament tomorrow – sign up now in the clubhouse to avoid disappointment.

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