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To our social media and Facebook users!

Hi to all Facebook users.

We are trying to build the social media presence of the Club as a way of raising it's profile in the local community and also amongst locally-based Millennials who are our future membership.

The statistics say we have 170 people “Following" the Club's Facebook site at the moment and we want to build this as much as we can. There are a few simple steps you can take to help us with this process:

1. Make sure you have “liked” the Club’s Facebook page
2. Also Invite your Facebook friends to “Like this Page”
3. Add a “like” or make a comment alongside any posts that you see (it helps build the circulation!)
4. “Check-in” when you are next at the Club and upload a photo, video clip or selfie showing what an active club we are!
5. Add a Review with something appropriate about the club - positive feedback and 5 stars is always welcome!!

So please if you are a FB user, get your mobiles into action and lets see if we can increase our list of Followers!!

Thanks for your help.

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