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Tennis Tournaments - Finals Day 21st July

Dear [[firstname]],

Thank you to all the members who have entered and making every effort to get their tournament matches played by the dates set for each round.

It was great to see so many matches played last weekend - making good use of the fine weather and our recently resurfaced courts.
Many thanks to Doug and Florian for organising this.

I would again like to thank Chris, Toni and Daphne for arranging the tournaments. It is now up to us the members to get our matches arranged and played. If you are having trouble arranging a match please contact one of us so we can help.

If you are chased up to play a match by one of the tournament committee please remember we are attempting to get nine finals in place for finals day on 21st July. If you have a date set for your next round please do enter it on the sheets.

Enjoy the summer.

Best Wishes

Tennis Club Chair

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