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Racketball League - finishing 10th November

The current RB league finishes in 3 weeks time and only a few matches have so far been played. Please make the effort to arrange and play your games asap. Contact numbers / emails are all on the website - make the calls!!

If the majority of games are played then the individual leagues are competitive and promotion / relegation becomes more meaningful. My preference is to include as many people as possible in the leagues but if the matches are simply not being played then it is probably time to review the number of entrants.

Leagues normally have 6 players each, so only 5 matches need to be played over a 10 week period. Top two to be promoted and bottom two relegated. The aim obviously should be to play all your matches but if you don't play a minimum of 2 matches then you will now be "yellow carded" and relegated. If this is repeated for the subsequent league then you will be excluded from the leagues and would need to reapply to enter.

If you are injured please let me know and /or add your name to the withdrawals list on the noticeboard.

Organiser's discretion will have to apply but hopefully you get the message - let's try and make these leagues work better!!

Any queries please let me know.


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