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Return to Squash/Racketball - Saturday 25th July.

We are pleased to announce that squash and racketball can re-start from Saturday 25th, but only under strict guidelines as laid out by England Squash. The following summary of these guidelines applies to all members and both squash and racketball. Please read the England Squash guidelines at the link below, and all of the email instructions before playing.

You are allowed to play a full, normal game with members of your household or social bubble. Outside of that group, you can only play ’SIDES’ where you must socially distance by staying on one side of the court and with only one player serving i.e. touching the ball.

A video link to an example of SIDES play is at the link below;

Please remember this is an indoor sport in an enclosed space and hence has inherently higher risks than outdoor sports. We have conducted a COVID-19 risk assessment for our club but inevitably there is considerable responsibility on players to play in as safe a manner as possible. The courts will be cleaned once a day but it is important that you also please clean door handles and light meters before and after playing.

Initially we will only open the 2 outside courts and will block off every 2nd booking so that the air within a court has 40 minutes to settle between games. This will be reviewed if the demand warrants opening the glass back or reducing the time between games. The showers will not be available. The viewing gallery will also be closed initially.

Visitors are welcome but you must make them aware of these guidelines plus the overall club guidelines and also REGISTER THEIR DETAILS in the visitors book (name and tel number)

Initially, there will be no formal coaching but we will review this over the coming weeks.

Club nights will not be allowed so those courts are available to be booked.

We will provide hand sanitiser and tissues by the courts but it would be helpful to bring your own or preferably disinfectant wipes please.

You do NOT have to wear a mask while playing.

No doubt these guidelines will be refined over the coming weeks but they can be expected to be in place for quite some time so please adhere to them

Things you MUST do.
Read the England Squash guidelines and watch the SIDES video before playing.

Only play if you have booked a court and entered both player’s names.
Arrive changed and ready to play (but please change your shoes from outdoor on arrival as usual).
Bring your own water bottle and towel.
Take any kitbag, water bottle etc on court with you.
Go home to shower.
Use hand sanitiser before and after playing
Wipe both the inside and outside handles on the court door before and after playing
Wipe the light meter around the coin slot after inserting money
Wipe the key to the outside courts before and after use.
Follow the club’s existing guidelines on clubhouse use

Things you CANNOT do.
Change or shower at the club.
Play a normal game with anyone outside your own household or bubble.
Play doubles
Touch the walls - AVOID WIPING YOUR HANDS ON THE WALLS as the walls cannot be disinfected

Things you CAN do.
Play a normal game with people within your household or bubble.
Play SIDES with anyone - this involves only playing on one side of the court and only one person serving (touching the ball). Please watch this video before playing

Use the toilets but remember to wipe door handles, flush handles etc.
Bring a visitor PROVIDED you make them aware of these guidelines and register them in the visitors book.

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