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URGENT UPDATE - Squash / Racketball Bubbles start 7th September

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To all squash and racketball players

We are delighted to announce that England Squash are moving to Stage 2 of the return to play plan enabling all players to start playing full-court squash / racketball once again. The fundamental caveat however is that you can only do this as part of a “Bubble” of max 6 players. Playing with players who are not in your own bubble is prohibited - changing to another bubble will require a 7 day quarantine period. There are other guidelines that will also need to be observed.

In order to comply with track and trace requirements, the Committee will need to supervise how the Bubbles are set up. We are aiming to have these posted on the website under the Leagues tab over weekend 5th/6th September so that games can start from Monday 7th September. The bubbles will be reviewed regularly with new entrants, drop outs or changes (subject to 7 day quarantine) taking effect at the start of each month. The Bubbles are to facilitate friendly matches being played between paid up club members and are not competitive leagues. We will try to match people according to their standard and whether the bubble is for squash only, racketball only, or both.

You can continue to play Sides as before, or full squash with a family member in your household (both subject to prior booking of courts with both players’ names listed which is critical for track and trace) , but if you want to join a Bubble and play full squash/RB with other players, please can you follow the instructions below:

1. Please reply by email to me at by no later than next Friday 4th September to confirm that you want to be entered in a Bubble on the basis as set out below
2. Please also confirm if you want to play squash only / racketball only / both squash and racketball
3. If you are a new member or haven't played in the teams / leagues please confirm your playing ability
4. Is there anyone in particular that you would like have in your initial Bubble - we can't guarantee who will play with whom in each Bubble but we will try
5. In joining the Bubbles, you agree to read and uphold all of the guidelines set out by England Squash
6. Games must be booked on the online booking system with both players names listed - no doubles or switching of players (even if they are in your bubble) during a booking slot.

FYI the England Squash guidelines include inter alia that all players need to wear protective eyewear, the games should be best of 3 (not 5) with new protocols regarding serving and to halt each game halfway through in order to use hand sanitiser and to sanitise the ball. All of this is to help get you back safely onto the squash court at a time when infection numbers are starting to rise again.

We therefore ask all members to take personal responsiblity in following the England Squash guidelines.

We will be looking at making more court times available but please remember the changing rooms are still out of action and players should come ready to play.

On behalf of the Squash Committee

Nick Woodman

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