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EG Tennis Singles Box League - Round Two - final standings & summary

Dear tennis players,

Well done to those of you who competed in Round Two of the Tennis Singles Box League.

During this round, 59 matches were played, across 10 leagues – which is a significant achievement, considering the club tournaments and doubles box leagues also going on at the same time.

The next round will start on 5th October , with matches to be over 8 weeks, ending 30th November.

Current players will be automatically entered into next round, unless advised otherwise - please let me know, if you do not wish to be included.

New players who wish to join, please sign-up ASAP on the club notice-board, or let me know via email. We already have 9 new entrants for the next round!

PREMIER LEAGUE MENS - [Joint Winners = Curt & Magne]

Curt and Magne both won all of the matches played, without dropping a set. However, due to an injury, they were unable to arrange their ‘head-to-head’ clash. Therefore, with nothing to seperate them, the Premier League title had to be shared, for the first time ever in Box League history.

LEAGUE ONE MENS - [Winner = Andrzej, Runner-up = Paul]

The top place went to Andrzej, immediately returning back to the Premier League after dropping down in Round One. Congratulations also to Paul for finishing second, without winning a match (!) - by taking a set in 2 of his matches and getting bonus points.

LEAGUE TWO MENS - [Winner = Leon, Runner-up = Lee]

Leon managed to be promoted for the 2nd successive round, climbing up the leagues. However, this was closely contested group, with other three players in group finishing on 4 or more points.

LEAGUE THREE MENS – [Winner = Tom, Runner-up = Ben]

The winner of this group very nearly changed in the last week. Tom was comfortably ahead, until Ben suddenly decided to play all of his matches in the final 10 days, winning them all, apart from the ‘head to head’ clash with Tom, which he lost narrowly by 2 points in the final set tie-break.

LEAGUE FOUR MENS – [Winner = Chris Smyth, Runner-up = Graham]

Another group which ended very close, with both Chris and Graham finishing on 8 points and it almost got very complicated at the end. However, the winner was decided by the ‘head-to-head’ clash, with Chris victorious in 2 sets.

LEAGUE FIVE MENS – [Winner = Tim, Runner-up = Andy Norris]

Well done to Tim who (finally!) gets out of the bottom group, after narrowly missing out last time when he won 3 of his 4 matches and would have finished top, if only he had got his bonus points.

PREMIER LEAGUE LADIES - [Winner = Fiona, Runner-up = Maria]

Fiona retains the Premier League title, to go along with her recent Ladies Club Tournament win. Also a good round also for Maria, winning 2 of her matches, without dropping a set and getting bonus points.

LEAGUE ONE LADIES – [Winner = Linda, Runner-up = Alisa]

A solid round for Linda, winning every match and ‘well done’ to new member Alisa for finishing second with 2 wins.

PREMIER LEAGUE MIXED – [Winner = Linda, Runner-up = Tiffany]

Not many matches played in this group. However, congratulations to Linda for winning the double

LEAGUE ONE MIXED – [Winner = Trevor, Runner-up = Tim]

Close again, but Trevor finished higher than Tim, after taking a set in their ‘head-to-head’ – those of you who know these players, may of observed some irony with this particular commentary.

Good luck to everyone in Round Three - the groups will be emailed and available on the website very soon.




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