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The updated November Bubbles for squash and racketball are now published on the website and Noticeboard and Iā€™m pleased to say that we have been able to introduce a new Junior Squash Bubble (League 4) this month.

England Squash have also updated their guidelines so that matches can now be best of 5, played American scoring to 11 with sudden death at 10 all. Each game to stop after the first player reaches 6 points so that both players can wipe off excessive sweat and to sanitise their hands and the ball.

The bubbles are to enable full-court games to be played with other people in your bubble as many times as you want; these were initially intended to be non-competitive best of 3 matches. Now that best of 5 can be played once again, we have decided to introduce a competitive element with a new scoring system so that you can enter your results on the website. Movement between bubbles will still be at the organisers discretion.

So please enter your results on the website (not the Noticeboard) with points awarded based on one point for playing, one point for each game won and one point for winning the match.

Result = Points
3-0 = 5-1
3-1 = 5-2
3-2 = 5-3
2-2 = 3-3
2-1 = 3-2
1-1 = 2-2

Please remember :
1. If you are placed in a different bubble from last month, please do not arrange a game until you have had at least 7 days without playing full court squash
2. If at any time you play someone from outside your bubble (not in your existing household) then you MUST PLEASE PLAY THE SIDES FORMAT ONLY.

Enjoy yourselves!

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