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Leagues for squash and racketball - a quick survey

To all squash and racketball players

There has been a limited response to my email on 17th May about restarting the leagues and a few more players are still needed for both squash and RB to make it worthwhile doing so. In order to better gauge when to restart the leagues, please may I request that you answer a few questions as below:

1. I am back playing S/RB and would like to join a league asap - squash or RB or both or N/A?

2. I am keen to join a league but not until later - July or August or September or N/A?

3. I will start playing S/RB again soon but not in the leagues - YES or N/A ?

4. It’s the Summer (at last!) - I will wait until the Autumn before playing S/RB again - YES or N/A

5. I’ve given up on S/RB - Really ? Are you sure? - YES or N/A

Please reply to me on

We are also building a WhatsApp Squash/Racketball group as an easier way of keeping in touch so please confirm your mobile number when responding and I will add you to the group.

Nick Woodman

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