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East Grinstead Squash Team - September 2021-22

To all Squash Players.

Many of you will have already have had contact from your Team Captains regarding the proposed re-boot of the Sussex inter-club team squash for the 2021-22 season. If you have replied to these communications via email or WhatsApp then you do not need to respond to this email.

If however you have not had any contact and would like to be involved please do reply to this email confirming;

Play team squash 2021/2 = YES
Game availability = ALL / Very Occasional

As you probably aware our first team were Division 3 East Champions and should be going into Division 2 East, and our second team had a solid mid table finish in Division 5 East.

At the moment we have no idea of the composition of the new leagues or the format, teams may end up in a new format and your decision needs to take that into account. The start date will be from the 6th September for the first matches.
We need to make our plans on our team allocation in the next two weeks so please let me know by the end of next weekend.

Best regards and health,
Andy Norris. Squash Fixtures Secretary.

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