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Tennis Doubles Box League - Round Eight

Dear players,

Welcome to EG Tennis Doubles Box League Round Eight - thank you all for signing up.

In this round, we have 48 pairs entered, competing across 12 leagues.

New players, entering the Box Leagues for the first time include; Jeremy Gunter, Ben Swadling, Martilie Kruger, Sabine Gaouyer, Jackie Lawrence, Bonnie Gunter & Susie Swadling - take it easy on them, please!

Please find below, the groups for the leagues starting from next Monday, 23 August:

(Men’s Premier)
Paul F & John W
Lewis W & Luke A
Roger B & James P
Mike C & Stephen P
Sion E & Robyn E

(Men’s League One)
Magne A & Hugo AR
Lee W & Tim S
Tom C & Steve H
John B & Kevin Simons
TBC & TBC - hope to confirm another pair in this group soon

(Men’s League Two)
Roy H & David S
Alan S & Steve H
Bryan T & Ben T
Brad B & Scott M

(Men’s League Three)
Chris S & Trevor W
Nick P & John P
Brent S & Kevin Smith
Bill R & Alan B

(Men’s League Four)
Stuart S & James N
Ben T & Ray T
Jeremy G & Ben S
Christian D & Bernie OC

(Ladies Premier)
Fiona H & Heather B
Kari T & Jayne B
Georgia B & Ailsa S
Martile K & Sabine G

(Ladies League One)
Maria R & Jackie L
Caroline H & Daphne H
Jenny W & Lucy VDM
Nicola T & Lynne E

(Ladies League Two)
Lesley C & Alyson Y
Sue P & Lynda St.
Bonnie G & Susie S

(Mixed Premier)
Fiona H & Martin S
Colin J & Kari T
Jayne B & Stephen P
Jenny W & Richard N

(Mixed League One)
Mike C & Linda F
Maria R & Tim S
John B & Daphne H
Mary F & Colin K

(Mixed League Two)
Chris S & Sheena B
Nicola T & Stuart S
Mark P & Rosemary L
James P & Vanessa P

(Mixed League Three)
Brent & Cecilia
Bill R & Sue P
Andrzej R & Natalie R

Start date – Monday 23 August
Midpoint - Sunday 19 September *
End date – Sunday 17 October

One point will be awarded for every set you win (i.e. two points for a win)

*two bonus points* awarded to pairs who have completed two matches by the Midpoint date

Players to arrange their own matches - use WhatsApp (it’s great for this!) - players email addresses and contact numbers are available in the Member's Directory area of the club website.

Submit your results via the club website, within the 'Leagues' section – (1) enter points won by your pair, (2) select your opponents and (3) enter points won by opponents – it’s simple!

Note - pairs playing no matches, will be excluded from the next round, unless they contact me or sign-up on the club noticeboard

If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.

Have a great round and enjoy the tennis!

Kind Regards


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