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Tennis - Singles Box League - Round Six Update

Dear players,

There are still 4 weeks to go before the end of Singles Box League Round Six - Monday 01 November.

Well done to those of you who have played so far, arranging your matches early, before the inclement weather arrives.

The current leaders are:

Men's Premier - Karoki - with 7 matches left to play in the group
Men's League One - Tom - 6 matches left
Men's League Two - Trevor & Gjorgi (level top) - 8 matches left
Men's League Three – Tim, Kevin & Alan (level top) - 4 matches left
Men's League Four - Bill - 8 matches left
Men's League Five - Chris Smyth - just 3 matches left - well done guys!
Men's League Six - Ben Swadling & Andy Jenkins (level top) - 8 matches left
Men's League Seven - Ray - 6 matches left
Ladies Premier - Maria - 7 matches left
Ladies League One - Sue Perea - 4 matches left

There is still 'plenty to play for' within many of the groups.

Booking courts can be rather difficult at the moment, with 7 & 8 currently getting a 'facelift' and the daylight becoming less & less in the evenings.

However, there is generally good court availability on weekdays at 19:30 (or earlier, if lucky enough to be retired or “working at home”) - Saturdays, after 16:00 and Sundays after 13:00.

Good luck to everyone for the remaining matches!

Kind Regards


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