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A few things to update on..............

Racketball club nights - Thursday evenings:
The turnout in recent weeks has been excellent with a great mix of new and regular players so from 11 Nov the courts have been booked for an earlier start time of 6.10pm on Cts 1 and 2 and the glass back from 6.40pm.

Racketball handicap KO comp:
All RB league players have been auto-entered in the KO so please check your opponent (and your handicap!) and arrange your match asap - the 1st round matches have to be completed by 11th November.

Squash box leagues:
Well done to Tracey Webster for a strong performance in League 1 - not only arranging some matches but winning them comprehensively!! The leagues will now re-set from 1st November with two larger divisions and hopefully a ladies league as well so if you want to join please reply to me asap. With team matches and a very active squash club night on Mondays, there is some good squash being played at the club but it will be great to see the box leagues more actively supported in 2022.

Racketball box leagues:
We are coming up to the halfway stage and good to see matches being played across almost all of the leagues. Current leaders are as follows:

Premier - no-one yet!
League 1 - Chris Smyth and Lee Whibley
League 2- Stuart Sterling
League 3 - Henry Grub
League 4 - Magne Allesie

Remember we will be yellow carding / automatic relegation if less than 2 matches are played so please book a court and call your opponent.


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