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Tennis - Singles Box League - Round 6 - end of round summary

Dear tennis players,

Well done to those of you who competed in Round Six of the Tennis Singles Box League.

During this round, 66 matches were played, across 10 leagues - great effort by everyone arranging to play, at a time when the nights have started to draw in, temperatures began to fall and the clocks moved back.

The next round will start on 15th November, with matches to be played over the following 2 months, ending 16th January.

New players wishing to join are very welcome (we already have 3 new guys signed-up!), please add your name to the list on the club noticeboard, or let me know via email, entry closes next Tuesday 9th November - current players will be automatically entered into next round, unless advised otherwise

Polite request to players across all groups - please try to arrange and fulfill your matches - reply to WhatsApp / text messages when contacted - if injured or away for while, please tell people - or consider dropping out - thanks

PREMIER LEAGUE MENS - [Winner = Magne Allessie]
Super-sub Magne, might have have joined the action late, but took the 'man of the match' award - beating everyone in straight sets

LEAGUE ONE MENS - [Winner = Tom Clay]
Great round by Tom, winning 3 of out his 4 matches and getting 2 bonus points for sorting his matches early, before the mid-point.

LEAGUE TWO MENS - ["winners" = Trevor Webb / Gjorgi Taleski]
Only 2 matches played in this group, a win each for Trevor & Gjorji

LEAGUE THREE MENS - [Joint Winners = Tim Swainson / Kevin Simons]
Three wins (plus bonus points) for both Tim and Kevin - however, fans of the Box League were left disappointed, when they did not play their 'head-to-head' title play-off match

LEAGUE FOUR MENS - [Winner = Bill Rolfe]
Well done Bill for setting up the WhatsApp group and organising all your matches. Again, not many matches played, but top spot is yours.

LEAGUE FIVE MENS - [Winner = Chris Smyth]
A storming return to the Box Leagues by Chris - following up his top place in the Doubles, with 4 wins and maximum points in the Singles

LEAGUE SIX MENS - [Winner = Ben Swadling]
Impressive debut by Ben with 4 straight set wins - or maybe the organiser put him in the wrong group (sorry mate!)

LEAGUE SEVEN MENS - [Winner = Ray Thompson]
Well done Raymond - three wins out of three - good luck in League Six

PREMIER LEAGUE LADIES - [Winner = Maria Rueda]
Top place for Maria - narrowly securing the title, by taking a set, in her defeat against Caroline.

LEAGUE ONE LADIES - [Winner = Sue Perera]
Congratulations Sue finishing top with 1 win, plus bonus points - however, special mention to Lynda who actually won more 'match points' and would have finished top, if the matches had been played a bit earlier.

Final tables are available on the club website.

Good luck to everyone in the next round - the groups will be emailed and available on the website soon after the closing date



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