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Its the end of the month as well as the end of the year so time to update the leagues. I have been trying to introduce new rules, bonus points etc to encourage people to play their league matches but am well aware that the rapid rise of Omicron in recent weeks has probably held people back from playing an indoor sport. So........

Squash leagues:
the current league finishes tomorrow and very well done to the ladies for playing the majority of their matches in League 2. Congratulations to SUE KENT for playing and winning all of her matches.

A couple of people have asked to withdraw and if anyone else wants to enter / withdraw please let me know asap. Otherwise I will reset the leagues but this time for a 3 month period of January / February / March without penalising anyone for not playing the minimum 2 matches - in the hope that the New Year will be increasingly Covid-free and that people will want to get back on court. Again there will be bonus points available for anyone playing 2 matches before the midway point of 14th Feb.

Racketball leagues:
I will add bonus points for those who have played at least 2 matches by the mid point date of 31/12 and well done for the League 2 players all taking advantage of the extra points. In view of the Covid situation I think it is sensible to allow additional time for the remaining matches to be played so I will extend the current league to the end fo February.

With best wishes to everyone for a healthy and happy New Year.


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