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Tennis Doubles Box League - Round Ten

Dear players,

Welcome to EG Tennis Doubles Box League Round Ten - thank you all for signing up.

In this round, we have 53 pairs entered, competing across 12 leagues.

We have 8 new pairs, entering the Box Leagues for the first time together including; Andrzej & Ritchie, Kevin & Martin, John & Connor, Patrick & Ben, Jamie & Ian, Sion & Cecilia, Graham & Julie, Hugo & Abby - take it easy on them, please!

Please find below, the groups for the leagues starting from next Monday, 24 January

(Men’s Premier)
Roger B & James P
Paul F & John W
Andrzej R & Ritchie D
Magne A & Hugo AR
Sion E & Robyn E

(Men’s League One)
Kevin S & Martin S
Mike C & Stephen P
Lee W & Tim S
Roy H & David S
Bryan T & Ben T

(Men’s League Two)
Chris Smyth & Richard N
Tom C & Steve Hainge
Chris S & Trevor W
Alan S & Steve Hite

(Men’s League Three)
John B & Connor B
Bill R & Alan B
Ben T & Ray T
Jeremy G & Ben S

(Men's League Four)
Nick P & John P
Stuart S & James N
Brad B & Scott M
Graham R & Adrian M

(Men's League Five)
Christian D & Bernie OC
Patrick M & Ben R
Jamie N & Ian R
Greg C. & David C

(Ladies Premier)
Fiona H & Heather B
Kari T & Jayne B
Martile K & Sabine G
Nicola C & Carrie H
Sheena B & Mary F

(Ladies League One)
Jenny W & PK
Daphne H & Cecilia T
Bonnie G & Susie S
Sue P & Lynda SC
Lesley C & Sarah T

(Mixed Premier)
Fiona H & Martin S
Colin J & Kari T
Mike C & Linda F
Jenny W & Richard N

(Mixed League One)
Caroline H & Chris S
Louisa C & Connor B
James P & Vanessa P
Mary F & Colin K

(Mixed League Two)
Nicola T & Stuart S
Andrzej R & Natalie R
Sion E & Cecilia T
Mark P & Rosemary L

(Mixed League Three)
Daphne H & John B
Graham L & Julie L
David C & Lynda SC
Bernie OC & Jane M
Hugo AR & Abby T

Start date – Monday 24 January
Midpoint - Sunday 20 February *
End date – Sunday 20 March

One point will be awarded for every set you win (i.e. two points for a win)

*two bonus points* awarded to pairs who have completed two matches by the Midpoint date

Players to arrange their own matches - use WhatsApp (it’s great for this!) - players email addresses and contact numbers are available in the Member's Directory area of the club website.

Submit your results via the club website, within the 'Leagues' section – (1) enter points won by your pair, (2) select your opponents and (3) enter points won by opponents – it’s simple!

Polite request - please try to arrange and fulfill all your matches - REPLY TO WHATSSAPP / TEXT MESSAGES WHEN CONTACTED - if you find sorting out matches and replying to messages too much, then maybe this league is not for you

If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.

Have a great round and enjoy the tennis!

Kind Regards


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