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Tennis Doubles Box League - Round Ten - end of round summary

Dear tennis players,

Well done to those of you who competed in Round Ten of the Tennis Doubles Box League.

During this round, 60 matches were played, across 12 leagues. A really great effort by everyone, with many rainy days over this period. However, spring has now arrived, the clocks are moving and our lovely, newly painted courts 7 & 8 should be ready very soon.

The next round will start on Monday 04 April, with a brief 6 week 'pause' between 01/05 and 12/06 to allow courts and players to be available for the Club Tournament matches. The round will therefore not end until Sunday 10 July - pairs should consider if they are willing to commit to both over the next few months.

New pairs wishing to join are very welcome - all levels, there is a league for everyone! - please sign-up on the club noticeboard, or let me know via email, entry closes next Wednesday 30 March - current pairs will be automatically entered into the next round, unless advised otherwise - please let me know ASAP, if you do not wish to continue.

Pairs who have played no matches in the previous round will be removed from the leagues, unless they contact the organiser or sign-up on the club noticeboard

PREMIER LEAGUE MENS - [Winners = Paul F. & John W. / Andrzej & Ritchie]
No clear winner again this time, with both pairs winning two matches out of two played, no head-to-head arranged, or bonus points to be awarded.

LEAGUE ONE MENS - [Winners = Lee W. & Tim S.]
Well done Lee & Tim for your match wins, including a victory against Bryan and Ben, who finished level on points, but just lost out on top place, after taking the silver medal in the head-to-head clash.

LEAGUE TWO MENS - [Winners = Chris Smyth & Richard N]
Three wins out of three for Chris and Richard, but it was very close, with Tom & Steve taking them to a match tie-breaker and winning both of their other matches.

No clear winner in this league with only 2 matches played.

LEAGUE FOUR MENS - [Winners = Nick P. & John P.]
Peaty pair promoted, taking the title with two wins.

LEAGUE FIVE MENS - [Winners = Christian D & Bernie / Ben R. & Julian H.]
A very close league, with 3 pairs each finishing on 6 points and nothing to separate the top two. Unfortunately, injury prevented the deciding play-off, so top place is shared.

PREMIER LEAGUE LADIES - [Winners = Fiona H. & Heather B]
Four titles in a row for Fiona & Heather, well done. I am trying to get Serena and Venus to enter the next round.

LEAGUE ONE LADIES - [Winners = Jenny & PK]
Three wins out of three, in straight sets for Jenny & PK.

PREMIER LEAGUE MIXED - [Winners = Fiona H. & Martin S]
Great effort from Fiona for arranging, playing and winning all of her ladies and mixed box league matches ... oh, well done Martin too!

LEAGUE ONE MIXED - [Winners = James P. & Vanessa P]
Congratulations to James and Vanessa for cruising to victory, sailing to two wins and close tie-break loss in your other match. As your grand prize, you have won a holiday, enjoy!

LEAGUE TWO MIXED - [Winners = Andzrej & Natalia]
Back-to-back promotions for father and daughter pair, Andzrej and Natalia winning their two matches played. Nicola and Stuart also did very well, but just missed out, in the head-to-head decider.

LEAGUE THREE MIXED - [Winners - Hugo A.R. & Abby T]
Two wins and bonus points for junior pair Hugo and Abby - well done and good luck in the next round.

Final tables are available on the club website.

Good luck to everyone in the next round - the groups will be emailed and available on the website soon after the closing date



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