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The new squash ladder is now up and running on the noticeboard at the clubhouse with 30 of the club's best squash players (see list below) initially ranked by careful analysis of current form (and discussion with Keith!) . It is an exciting opportunity to arrange and play competitive matches against players of a standard similar to your own.

You can challenge anyone up to 4 places above you (ie 5th place can challenge 4/3/2/1) and depending on the result you will move up the ladder as follows:

WIN - move into your opponents position
DRAW - move immediately next to your opponent
LOSE 2-3 - move up to 2 places higher (if possible)
LOSE 1-3 - move up to 1 place higher (if possible)
in each case the other players’ positions are adjusted accordingly

- you can offer your opponent 4 possible dates over a 4 week period but if all are declined then you move into their position
- after a match you cannot challenge the same opponent for 2 weeks
- each player needs to arrange a minimum of 2 matches in any 6 month period

The idea is for the ladder to be self-regulating so please press on with arranging your matches and then adjust your position on the ladder when the game is over. I will act as arbiter if there are any issues and will apply Organisers Discretion as necessary.

If you want to enter the ladder or withdraw please contact me by email..

Please also contact me if you have any queries or need further information.

Nick Woodman

Ladder starting positions as below - I will update by email every couple of months

1 Mike Breen
2 Dom Williams
3 Giles Cowdell
4 Curt Bean
5 Matt Gimson
6 Toby Glyn
7 Joe Collier
8 Sam Gunter
9 Ian Creelman
10 Alistair Holmes
11 Richard Newbatt
12 Lee Whibley
13 Tracey Webster
14 Roger Bean
15 Richard Bool
16 Keith Wilson
17 Gareth Williams
18 Andy Norris
19 Andrew Jenkins
20 Lynn Edwards
21 Shaun Abbott
22 Mark Davis
23 Richard Stow
24 Ben Thompson
25 Dan Murfet
26 Thomas Mukasa
27 Mark Prevett
28 Ben Swadling
29 Asier Larrauri
30 Zac Creak

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