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Tennis Singles Box League - R9 - end of round summary

Dear tennis players,

Well done to those of you who competed in Round Nine of the Tennis Singles Box League.

During this round, 54 matches were played, across 11 leagues. A really great effort by everyone, fitting in your matches around the club tournament, tropical weather and the Women's Euro's.

The next round will start on Monday 25 July and we have 13 new players who have already signed up. The groups will be emailed out later this week.

New players wishing to join are very welcome - all levels, there is a league for everyone! - however, be please quick, as entry closes tomorrow Wednesday 20 July - current players will be automatically entered into the next round, unless advised otherwise - please let me know ASAP, if you do not wish to continue.

PREMIER LEAGUE MENS - [Winner = Karoki Lewis]
It's great to see a closely contested top men's group, with 4 players each winning 2 of their 4 matches and Morgan, Karoki and Paul all finishing on 6 points. The title was handed to Karoki for winning more match points than the others.

LEAGUE ONE MENS - [Winner = Robyn Evans]
Three wins out of three, in straight sets for Robyn - back in the Premier League, not quite sure what he was doing in League One anyway - probably as a result of the silly rules.

LEAGUE TWO MENS - [Winner = Ewan Quince]
Come on Ewan, play your matches, keep hitting those big serves and you will be up in the Premier League soon.

LEAGUE THREE MENS - [Winner = Stephen Pilgrim]
Impressive round for Stephen finishing on 8 points, the title secured late on the final day, with a win over Christoph on Sunday evening.

LEAGUE FOUR MENS - [Winner = Sion Evans]
Congratulations Evans Senior - an unexpected winner, especially in that match coming back from 6-0 down in the 1st set, to win in the tie-break decider

LEAGUE FIVE MENS - [Winner = Connor Bradford]
A strong round, strong tennis and strong character - you will be back Connor, we are all looking forward to welcoming you, on your return to the club soon.

LEAGUE SIX MENS - [Winner = Christian Dennis]
House and grounds appear to have now fixed those mysterious bounces on the court, just after Christian's wins - strange that.

No matches played.

PREMIER LEAGUE LADIES - [Winner = Sabine Gaouyer]
Well done Sabine, the only player across all leagues to achieve maximum points, winning all of her matches and secure 2 bonus points for playing 2 matches before the mid-point.

LEAGUE ONE LADIES - [Winner = Abby Tennent]
Hurray (again) for Abby, who continues her unbeaten run in the Box Leagues and will be playing in the Premier League next time.

LEAGUE TWO LADIES - [Winner = Sue Perera]
There are always close matches in this group and round nine, was no different. With Sue finishing top, after a tie-break win with Sarah.

Final tables are available on the club website.

Good luck to everyone in the next round - the groups will be emailed and available on the website soon after the closing date



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